“Brokers has the potential to be a really exciting feature film.
It’s hard not to be pumped about where this project could go. 
Excellent work!” SCREENCRAFT


CAPTURING OUR creative spirit …

A former Currency Trader decided to capture his creative passion to entertain.
“Recreating a very special era is so much fun but the journey is just beginning”.
James Wallace, CEO, Writer, Executive Producer, ‘BROKERS’

Being involved in the ‘BROKERS’ adventure unleashes the artistic which illustrates that we do have a ‘right side’ of the brain after all. It reminds us why the art of writing a letter and trying to entertain the recipient should be re-born. A ‘story tale’ still requires imagination, experience and time.

THIS MOVIE is an exciting part of our professional lives. 

The opportunity to participate has made us laugh, reminisce, tell stories from experience and make up new ones. All part of the art and in this case a trade-off with the not always scientific world of finance.

BROKERS generates excitement and it's definitely something different.

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Wishing you the very best for the holiday season
from Brown Capital and Life Challenge Entertainment.