A diverse suite of quality investment opportunities from inspiring people and successful companies.


Absolute return income equity fund

GYROSTAT Risk Managed Equity Funds

  • Protection is always in place with upside
  • Riding out the storm
  • Making money when others don't

A proven history of quality performance

Infrastructure Partners Investment Fund

  • IPIF provides exposure to premium unlisted infrastructure assets
  • Assets have a proven history of quality performance
  • Compelling risk adjusted returns
  • Long term perspective

Opportunity to invest in the world’s fastest growing major economy

Jaipur Asset Management

  • Blend of three growth focused Indian equities managers 
  • Underlying specialist Indian Asset Managers, each with long term track records, research ratings and reputable global partners

Focused on global change

Loftus Peak

  • Global equities manager focused on investing in ‘disruptive’ businesses
  • Offers exposure to significant secular trends
  • Listed investments with daily liquidity

Aligned through significant personal investment in Fund

MHOR Asset Management

  • Australian equities ‘Small Cap’ mandate
  • Three member team: ‘Buy side’, ‘Sell side’ and successful business builder
  • Strong historical track record of outperformance in Small Caps
  • Aligned through significant personal investment in Fund
  • Focused on absolute returns and risk management

Focused on capital preservation

Pentalpha Investment Management

  • Income for Life Fund
  • ‘Grannuity’ strategy (Growth Annuity)
  • Target total return of 6-10% p.a. after tax

Provides higher returns than term deposits

Spectrum Asset Management

  • Corporate bond fund manager with a focus on income
  • Provides higher returns than term deposits
  • Considerably lower volatility than equities

A blend of best of breed property finance opportunities

Valara Capital

  • Highly diversified portfolio
  • Exceptional pedigree with a successful history managing private assets
  • Shareholders co-investing