It’s worth remembering that stock market corrections occur on average at intervals of around five years. Here in Australia, we haven’t had one for seven and a half years so it might be reasonable to assume that these conditions will not last. 

Preparing now to protect assets while also positioning yourself to benefit more in times of uncertainty, is what makes sense.

Gyrostat buys and holds ‘Blue Chip’ shares and then puts the lowest cost protection firmly in place. This represents a significant advance in investment risk management.

Despite the fact that most investors fear share market volatility and potential downturns, the canniest investors can leverage these conditions. The Gyrostat team has devised a strategy that delivers best outcomes when others don’t. In changing markets, including large falls, they thrive. At all times they remain focused on delivering stable, reliable and absolute returns with a regular income stream.

In rising or flat markets, protection tends to be fairly cheap - buying more sets the scene for Gyrostat to prosper. The extra protection can then be sold handsomely in the face of large market falls. This delivers a significant ‘kicker’ to returns. 


So what’s different about Gyrostat? 

Always having secure protection in place with the potential for upside.


Gyrostat was founded in 2010 with a target of achieving annual capital returns of between 6.5 and 8 per cent in rising markets, short term bond returns in stable markets, but most of all, returns of greater than 8 per cent in volatile conditions. In terms of income, the Gyrostat strategy aims to generate at least the cash rate plus 3 percent with distributions twice a year.


The point of difference – ‘Not scared of a closing wave’ - Opportunity instead

Whilst Gyrostat does not ever take its eye off considered investment selection, the real differentiator is in the implementation. Utilising options is fundamental to protection for investors.


How has Gyrostat performed?

Since December 2010 investments have been compounded in value by a total of 33 per cent. Importantly, there have been no quarterly declines of more than 2 per cent. Gyrostat has a consistent record of delivering absolute returns.

It is possible to protect and benefit in changing markets.

For further information contact Jarrod Brown.

Written by Andrew Main. Long established and objectively minded financial journalist, Andrew Main has an eye for what counts for investors.